So I watched The Purge. If you are a fan of horror/thrillers, great stories or just wonderful acting PLEASE AVOID THIS FUCKING PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A MOVIE. I’m sorry but what a pathetic concept that was made into an even more pathetic movie. I heard a lot of hype about this movie and so i was expecting something at least partly interesting. I was disappointed. It was dumber than half of Bushes speeches and the acting felt like somebody had cast the characters with stone statues. Avoid it guys. Dont even bother. It’s a waste of time. I have one single positive thing to say about it and that is that the credits weren’t stupidly small or fast at the end like a lot of modern movies. The downside is that obviously since the movie was so shit I had no reason to read them.

Oh ok and how much is that? and also why is it stupid? Actually you dont gotta answer that last one, I think I know why it’s stupid. yay me. not really. argh.